Hi, I am Django Fakkeldij. I am also known under the nickname “MSTR Unchained” (pronounced as “Mister Unchained”). I specialize in making media content of all sorts.


I am currently still a student at “het Pallas Athene College” in Ede, the Netherlands. I am in my fifth year of VWO.


I have been making video’s for over 5 years now. In those years I’ve learned a bunch of skills. Some of my most developed skills include:

– Videography
– Photography
– Editing
– Front-end web development
– Back-end web development
– Coding languages: Python, Javascript, Lua (script), HTML and CSS.


You can reach me at +31 6 41 22 19 45 or at djangofakkeldij@gmail.com

I’ll useally get back at you within 1-2 work days.